Notes to self

There is not enough attention to go around.

Explore the gap between the familiar and the unexpected.

How do the things we notice affect what we value?

How does what we value affect the things we notice?

Search for the things that are not seeking my attention.

Finding interesting questions is often harder than answering them.

Use the work to encourage others to make their own observations.

Aim towards a sceptical audience.

How does the act of looking more closely affect the way we interact with our everyday surroundings?

Slowness is becoming an increasingly powerful tool.

Question the purpose of objects.

Disguise the work within everyday life.

Focus on availability.

Make the idea and the form the same thing.

Set own goals for success.

Humour as communication.

Try not to take myself too seriously.

Use elements from everyday life as both inspiration and the materials of production.

Being small and unassuming allows an idea to infiltrate our daily lives.

Ideas that anyone could have made or noticed.

Through the use of connections, our existing references and knowledge help us to make sense of new experiences.

Remember that not everyone thinks or sees the same way.

Keep an interest in others work and their ways of working.